Impact: Social Justice

Everyone is affected by environmental hazards and corporate malice, but those with less money and power are often affected disproportionately. Ripple amplifies the voices of those who bear the brunt of injustice. One example is restaurant workers, who often earn less than minimum wage and lack paid sick days and health insurance. Ripple helped release a few reports on behalf of these workers, which lead directly to the introduction of the federal WAGES Act (related to the sub-minimum wages). Similar bills were introduced at the state and local levels in California, Illinois, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania.

The Hands That Feed Us

Food Safety
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New York Times, NPR, Daily Beast, Los Angeles Times, Fox, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune & many other media outlets covered this first-of-a-kind report by the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

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Occupy The Courts

Politics / Legislation
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To highlight the 2nd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s infamous Citizens United ruling, Ripple worked with Move To Amend and Occupy Wall Street to launch “Occupy The Courts” in over 130 cities, which drew massive media attention.

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Blood Justice: Havasupai Settlement

Social Justice
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Ripple had the honor of working alongside the Havasupai Tribe of the Grand Canyon to publicize their settlement deal with the Arizona Board of Regents over the controversial use of their blood for medical testing.

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Serving While Sick

Food Safety
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Katie Couric joined the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times and dozens of other outlets in covering a groundbreaking report that Ripple released on the health condition of America’s foodservice workers.

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Bhopal Disaster

Environmental Protection
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Ripple worked with the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal to publicize both the 20th and 25th anniversaries of the chemical disaster, and hold Dow Chemical responsible for the ongoing contamination.

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Behind The Kitchen Door

Food Safety
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Valentine’s Day is restaurants’ busiest day of the year, which is why Ripple worked with ROC United on February 14 to release their new reports on the wages and working conditions of restaurant workers in LA, Miami and DC.

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Child Labor in Uzbekistan

Global Affairs
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Every year the government of Uzbekistan forces up to 2 million children to leave school and work in the cotton fields. During the harvest, children are exposed to harmful pesticides and have to work long hours.

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